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3rd Yr P/T Meeting Tuesday 23rd Nov 21

3rd Yr P/T Meeting Tuesday 23rd Nov 21

3rd Yr P/T Meeting

Date: Tuesday 23rd Nov 2021:

Time: 16:10

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold the meetings in the format that we would have traditionally used pre Covid. However, we will provide a mechanism to allow the meeting to happen remotely which will give both parents, teachers and students a good indication of progress made this term.

Each student will be asked to use their 365 School account to answer a Microsoft Teams call at a specific time from each teacher in each subject. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be asked to sit in at home with your son in these Teams meetings. To facilitate this plan a certain set of guidelines and procedures are necessary.

  • We have approximately 28 teachers involved so a maximum of 28 parents can be engaged on every time slot which mean that an equal number will not be engaged in each time slot
  • The school will assign the time slot for each subject and the subject teacher will make the call at the start of each time slot. Each meeting must have a time limit of 5 minutes to ensure every teacher gets a chance to meet every student/parent/guardian. Meetings running overtime will result in the timetable being disrupted so please stick rigidly to the allocated times.
  • The meetings will start @16:10 on Wednesday the 23rd November 2021 and all classes will finish at 15:10 to allow the students return home and get ready for the meeting.
  • Students will be provided with a schedule of meetings on Monday 22nd November 2021 and a hard copy of the Midterm Report will be given to all students on Tuesday before the go him for the meeting.
  • In terms of devices used to access your Teams, a laptop device will work better than trying to hold a Mobile Phone by hand, camera and microphones must be turned on.
  • Any student having technically difficulties should ring the school asap or email
  • We are prioristising Examination subjects so parents will not necessarily meet teachers of PE, CSPE or SPHE unless the teacher teaches your son, other subjects as well.
  • Please note that with the numbers and logistics involved it will not be possible for us to change the times allocated.


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