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Arklow CBS News for week ending November 27th, 2020


Arklow CBS News for week ending November 27th, 2020

College Awareness Week November 23rdth –27th.

Arklow CBS celebrated College Awareness Week this week. The aim of the week was to inform students about the various college opportunities, the different possibilities when going to college and to encourage them to become ‘college ready’. There were several activities organised for each year and there was a display made within the school to inform students of the qualifications that teachers have, along with previous jobs and what colleges they attended. Thanks to Ms. Rooney for organising.

Students are also reminded that the CAO is now open and to keep updated with virtual open days in colleges to give them insight of what their college of interest is like.

B’s Campaign for TEAM HOPE

Due to the effects of Covid 19, it is not possible to send gift-filled boxes from Ireland this year. However, we can still help……the Shoebox Appeal has moved online!

1B are trying to spread the word and have been busy creating lots of colourful posters to place around the School. They are asking all who can, to support TEAMHOPE, as we have done in previous years!

This year more than ever, they need our help. You can make your shoebox online, anytime up to December 23rd. See Christmas Shoebox Appeal for more details and help bring joy to a child this Christmas.

Thank you, from 1B.

Christmas Assessments in Arklow CBS

This year’s Christmas assessments run from December 8-11th for 1st, 2ndand 3rd Year students. The timetable for the assessments will be issued next week. We would encourage students to make a study timetable for themselves and to equip themselves with the correct material such as pens /pencils etc.

Arklow CBS hats and scarves available to buy

Now that the weather has turned chilly, Arklow CBS bobble hats €15, beanie hats €10 and scarves €12, all with the school crest are now available to buy from Ms.White. They are very warm and smart and would make a lovely Christmas gift or stocking filler!

TY News

TY Mini Companies

The TY classes have been extremely entrepreneurial and busy recently with their mini companies. Here are some of the products that the students have produced this year. Some of these products would make a lovey Christmas gift or stocking filler. We could encourage parents to look at some of their business pages on Facebook or Instagram.


AGB Gloves

Oran Dunning and Sam Butler are doing a mini company on GAA gloves. They are Arklow Geraldines Ballymoney gloves. You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Facebook: Agb Gloves.
Instagram: agb_gloves.

Dog Walking

If you don’t have time to walk, we will do it for you. We are based in Arklow and Coolgreaney. For further details please contact:

Soap Company

The soap is handmade with goats' milk, honey and other natural oils.

We have also decided to add essential oils to our soap to give it a great fragrance.

We give the soap it’s shape by melting it down and pouring it into a mould.

We sell our soap on Etsy

Only Fools and Horseshoes Decorations

Only Fools and Horseshoes is a TY mini company making decorations from recycled horse shoes at the moment we are making a

Horseshoe Christmas Tree for €20

Horseshoe Snowman €15

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram @Only_fools_and_horseshoes

Facebook @Eoinbyrne

Captain Candle

Our business is a very ambitious, original and innovative.

What sets us apart from other candle companies is our range of products for our eco-conscious customers with our fully naturally derived candles.

The prices are as follows:

  • Candle in a jar €6
  • Different shaped candles €5

Instagram is @captaincandles

Facebook: captain candles


Welcome to the world of StressLess!

Our StressLess Stress Balls will help if you are feeling stressed or anxious.

Prices 1.50, but with our new winter sale save 33% with our stress balls reduced to 0.99c.

Maskey Mini Company

By Josh Tracey.

Here it is.....the MASKEY!!

Forgot your mask again? This handy little keyring attaches to your keys and has a one-time use mask inside.

€4 for 1 Maskey or 3 for €10. To order you can send an instagram message @MASKEYMINICOMPANY or drop us an email



In TimberCrafts, where we make different types of homemade wooden boards including: Bread boards, Chopping boards, Pizza boards and Cheese boards.

The prices of these are as follows:

Pizza boards: Small –€10

Medium –€15

Large – €20

Bread/chopping boards: Medium – €15

Large – €20

If you have any further enquiries, you can contact us through our Instagram @timbercrafts2020 and Facebook page TimberCrafts2020, or through email at

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