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1st Year Awards 2022

1st year Awards 2022

Student of the Year

First Year Student of the Year.jpg

Kristian Dowling

Sport Day Best Athlete

Best Overall Athlete on Sports Day 1st Year.jpg

Darragh Kinch

Service to the School Award

Service to the School - Student Council.jpg

Conor Molloy, Dominic Swiergocki & Ruairí O'Neill

Irish Debating Team

First Year Irish Debating.jpg

Tommie Kavanagh, Silvester Bourke, Jack Byrne, Peter Lappin & Dominic Swiergocki

Sport Awards


1st Year GAA Player of the Year.jpg

Kristian Dowling

1st Year GAA Most Improved Player.jpg

Ben Zhou


1st Year Soccer Players of the Year.jpg

Kyal Byrne & Kristian Dowling

1st Year Soccer Top Goal Scorer.jpg

Darragh Kinch


1st Year Golf Award.jpg

Ross Doyle Roche

Subject Awards


Academic Excellence Art.jpg

Academic Excellence:Philip Michta

Art Awards.jpg

Work Ethic: Pauric Healy & Dylan Molloy

Spirit of the Class: Robert Babij


Academic Excellence Business Studies.jpg

Academic Excellence:Edric Chong

Business Studies Awards.jpg

Spirit of Class: Tommie Kavanagh & Philip Michta

Student of the Class: Ruairí O'Neill


CSPE Student of the Class.jpg

Student of the Class:Zach Connors

CSPE Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Ruairí O'Neill

Work ethic: Ross Doyle Roche


Academic Excellence English.jpg

Academic Excellence: Dylan Molloy, Sean kelly & Scott Hannon

English Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Riain Dunning, Dominik Swiergocki, Connor Molloy & Ruairí O'Neill

Work Ethic: Pauric Healy,Sean Plowman,Edric Chong, Ben Zhou, Micheál Coady & Ross Doyle Roche


Academic Excellence French.jpg

Academic Excellence: Philip Michta

French Awards.jpg

Work Ethic: Sean Plowman


Academic Excellence Geography_.jpg

Academic Excellence: Sean Kelly, Philip Michta &Scott Hannon

Geography Awards.jpg

Work Ethic: Pauric Healy, Ben Zhou. Jack Wolohan, Aaron O'Connor, Robert Babij

Spirit of the Class: Dominik Swiergocki, Zack Connors & Comghan Powell


Academic Excellence German.jpg

Academic Excellence:Jack Killeen, Robert Babij, Sajeevi Munasinghe

German Awards.jpg

Spirit of Class:Senan Curtis, Tommie Kavanagh, Dominik Swiergocki

Work Ethic: Riain Dowling, Cian E. Smith & Zach Connors


Academic Excellence History_.jpg

Academic Excellence: Senan Curtis, Zack Connors, Darragh Kinch & Robert Babij

History Awards.jpg

Work Ethic:Jack killeen, Sean Kelly, Sean Plowman

Spirit Of Class: Tommie Kavanagh & Ruairí O'Neill


Academic Excellence Irish.jpg

Academic Excellence: Sean Plowman, Riain Dunning, Cillian McDonald, Sean Kelly, Scott Hannon & Ben Zhou

Irish Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Dominik Siergocki, Darragh Kinch, Peter Lappin

Work Ethic: Philip Mitchta, Sylvester Bourke & Micheál Coady


Academic Excellence Maths.jpg

Academic Excellence: Robert Babij, Kristian Dowling, Aaron O'Connor & Ben Zhou

Maths Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Ross Doyle Roche

Work Ethic: Sajeevi Munasinghe


Academic Excellence Music.jpg

Academic Excellence: Scott Hannon

Student of the Class Music.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Cillian McDonald


Academic Excellence PE.jpg

Athletic Excellence: Sean Plowman, Kyal Byrne, Darragh Kinch & Jack Wolohan

PE Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Sajeevi Munasinghe, Philip Michta & Micheál Coady


Academic Excellence Religious Education.jpg

Academic Excellence: Peter Lappin, Philip Michta, Jack Byrne, Cian E Smith, Erire Aitintas & Ruairí O'Connor

Student of the Class Religious Education.jpg

Students of the Class: Darragh Kinch, Aaron O'Connor & Kristian Dowling


Academic Excellence Science.jpg

Academic Excellence:Sajeevi Munasinghe, Darragh Kinch, Kristian Dowling & Robert Babij

Science Awards.jpg

Work Ethic:: Zack Connors, Dylan Molloy, Philip Michta & Leo McCallion

Spirit of the Class: Bob Kelly


Student of the Class SPHE.jpg

Student of the Class: Darragh Kinch

SPHE Awards.jpg

Spirit of the Class: Jack Byrne, Jack Killeen, Kristian Dowling, Aaron Kenna Leo McCallion

Work Ethic: Ben Zhou

Technical Graphics

Academic Excellence TG.jpg

Academic Excellence: Darragh Kinch & Sylvester Bourke

TG Awards.jpg

Work Ethic: Bob kelly & Aaron O'Connor


Student of the Class Woodwork.jpg

Student of the Class: Darragh Kinch

Woodwork Awards.jpg

Work Ethic:Pauric Healy, Robert Babij, Kristian Dowling, Erik Mocanu, Conor Molloy, Sylvester Bourke & Ross Doyle Roche

Spirit of Class: Riain Dunning

Tutors' Award

Tutor Awards.jpg

Student of the Class: Darragh Kinch(1c), Jayden Thompson (1B) & Robert Babij(1A)

Spirit of the Class: Leo McCallion

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