Posted on the 01-10-2015

Lunch time activities

Lunch time activities are now underway supervised by our senior liaison students. Activities include games, computers and library time.

Lunch time homework room

Three rooms are available at lunchtime supervised by teachers in which students are free to study or do homework in a quiet supervised environment.

TY Induction Day

This took place on Monday 14th September where our students went to Wells House for a day of outdoor archery. This day enables the students to bond, to get to know each other and to learn to work in new groups with new friends. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and thanks to Mr Cosgrove and Ms Merrigan for going.

TY Teen Gym

This week saw our Transition Years start their gym module in Coral Leisure Centre. Students enjoy this module and it is a regular feature in our TY calendar.


Thomas Shortall, a Leaving Cert student of Arklow CBS he is off to study at Oxford University. He will be studying the most prestigious Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) undergraduate degree course. The PPE is described as a “Passport to Power” due to the number of successful world leaders that have completed the degree. Names such as David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Bill Clinton, William Hague, Tony Abbott, Benazirr Bhutto, Nick Robinson and Martin Mansergh have all completed the PPE. It is the degree of choice for the Westminster elite, claiming six Cabinet members and three Labour leadership contenders among its alumni.

Oxford University is ranked the number one university in England and is consistently ranked in the top five universities in the world.


On Wednesday 9th September, our Junior Cert students went on our annual hike to Glendalough in celebration of their Junior Cert results. All had a great, but tiring day! All students arrived back to be given their Junior Cert result by Principal Mr Somers. Results were excellent and all teachers are very proud of students success. Thanks to Mr O’Donnell and Ms Merrigan for going on the trip and to the Parents Council for sponsoring it.


After School Study started last Thursday. This facility is provided by the school for our exam years. Students in particular and provides a safe quiet environment for students to study in.  


Upcoming TY activities

Our TY students are soon to be participating in a self defence course and a cookery course. These are just two of the activities in our very diverse TY programme. Further details can be found on the calendar on our school website.


Primary School Science Modules.

Once again, Arklow CBS is running the very popular and successful Science Module for senior students in the local primary schools. These primary school students get to come to the school and to perform a wide range of exciting experiments in a real life lab setting.

Welcome to the new Teachers

Arklow CBS would like to welcome the following new teachers to our staff:

Ms Coleman, Ms Devereux, Mr Lee, Mr Dennehy, Ms Hempenstall and Ms Dunne.

We wish these teachers the very best for the school year ahead.


First Year Induction Day


On Monday next all our First Year students, along with their Class Tutors and Liaison Students are going on a hike to Glendalough. This day will give students a chance to get to know each other, their Tutors and Liaison Students better in a relaxed and informal environment.


School Open Evening


Our school Open Evening is fast approaching, it takes place from 7-9pm on Thursday 1st October. Parents, Guardians of 5th and 6th class boys are invited to attend. They well get the opportunity to tour the school and see the excellent facilities on offer. All teachers will also be available to answer questions about subject choices etc.


School Canteen.



The school canteen opens at small and big break and stocks a wide range of healthy and nutritious food at low prices. The menu changes daily so there is always something tasty on offer!