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Guidance on the Safe return to School for Students

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Guidance on the safe return to school for students.

On our return to school at the end of August our staff and students will notice many changes to the school.

Changes to the building:

  • All corridors, including stairs will be divided down the centre by tape.
  • Students will be assigned to base classrooms and will be expected to arrive at this classroom via the nearest door.
  • Hand sanitising units will be on the walls at each classroom and at entry and exit points of the school.
  • Spaces previously designated for other uses have been reassigned as teaching and learning spaces.


Any student who has symptoms of Covid 19 must,

  • Not attend school
  • Contact their GP
  • Follow HSE guidance on self-isolation
  • Contact the school to inform them


Two additional Covid 19 cleaners have been employed.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Staff and Students will be expected to sanitise on arrival to school and at various times throughout the day.
  • Sanitising stations are outside every classroom and students and staff should sanitise their hands before and after class.
  • Management and staff will monitor corridors throughout the day.
  • Face covering (Visors /facemasks) must be worn by all staff and students where a minimum of 2 metre social distancing is not possible.

Each student should have a personal hygiene pack for school each day (a Ziploc/freezer bag) to include:

  • Face coverings – few of these (For printed face coverings, the print must be appropriate)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Sanitising wipes
  • Tissues

For more information on the safe use of face masks see,

Parents and visitors to the school:

Parents or visitors to the school must attend,

  • by prior arrangement only, appointments must be made
  • for urgent reasons only e.g. to collect a sick student, but the office will already have contacted parent/guardian to arrange collection
  • Students who must leave school for dental appointments etc can be collected from the school gate
  • incidental visits will NOT be possible at this time
  • If a student forgets lunch, lunch money or materials, the parent/guardian should contact the school office to discuss an arrangement


  • Students must wear full school uniform as normal. Normal good hygiene standards will be sufficient in the absence of other specific advice.
  • Students should wear their uniform jacket as classrooms will have windows and doors open continually to allow for room ventilation.


PE changing rooms are currently not accessible however students with a timetabled PE class on that day should arrive to school in the school PE uniform. PE will take place in the leisure centre and buses will be used to transport them. If a student has PE at 8.55 then they should go straight down to Coral Leisure centre and not come into school.

Lunch / breaktimes:

  • Staggered breaks are in place to reduce the number of students in circulation and facilitate social distancing.

Junior Students : 1-3rd yr,

  • Breaktime : 15- 10.30am - including TY
  • Lunchtime : 10 - 1.50pm

Senior Students: TY-6th yr

  • Breaktime : 55-11.10am
  • Lunchtime : 50 - 2.30pm
  • 6th year students can still leave school at lunchtime

  • Students must stay in their own year groups at breaktimes.
  • Students must adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • Students must sanitise their hands after their breaks.
  • The canteen will offer a reduced menu and a pre-order system will be in place.
  • Water fonts will be closed off.
  • There will be covered marquee areas to facilitate students to have lunch as no classrooms can be opened during breaks this year.
  • To prevent congestion on corridors between classes, breaks are not permitted during a double class

Staggered school start times:

1st, 2nd, 3rd year

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – school starts at 8.45 for tutorial class.

Tuesday, Thursday – school starts at 8.55.

TY, 5th, 6th year

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – school starts at 8.55.

Tuesday, Thursday – School starts at 8.45 for tutorial class.

1st years will commence classes on Friday 4th September.

Classes for all other students will commence on Monday 7thSeptember.

Induction days will take place prior to school starting & these are detailed on the school website.

Toilet facilities:

Students may use bathrooms during class time with teacher's permission to prevent congestion and to reduce the number of students in circulation at breaktime and lunchtime.

Schoolbooks and materials:

All students are expected to have the textbooks and other resources outlined in the booklist. They do not need to bring these to school with them on the first day.

Teachers will discuss their classroom arrangements and what is required for class with their students on their return to school


In the event that the school returns to blended learning ICT will play an important role.

Some form of device may be necessary for each student in this scenario. The school will send further guidance on this if the situation arises.

Consideration should be given by parents/guardians to internet access at home.

Students absences:

Parent /guardian to use the iclass app to let school know or for those without a smart phone, send an email to

  • Office will record when student signs out.

Disciplinary notes:

To minimise the handling of journals the following procedures are in place where there is a disciplinary issue,

  • Teacher records on VS Ware
  • Year head monitors VS Ware notes and follows up
  • Parent monitors VS Ware

Please contact for any VS Ware login issues.

Lockers /Racks

  • Lockers are not in use
  • Racks are out of bounds for hygiene reasons.

Bags/jackets and equipment will not be permitted in school overnight for hygiene

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