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Primary Science Transition Programme

Arklow C.BS. prides itself on having a long tradition of science education, offering four science subject at Senior Cycle: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science. Year on year many Sixth years’ students proceed to Third Level education to study science related courses at college and university.

As part of strengthening science within the school and of protecting its importance and value Arklow C.B.S. for the past eleven years has been offering a tailor made science programme to all the local Primary Schools in Arklow and surrounding areas. Since its inception the programme has grown in strength and popularity. One of the driving ideas behind the programme is to introduce fifth and sixth class students to various aspects of science and to allow them to conduct a variety of exciting experiments in a real school laboratory.

Some of the experiments the students get to carry out include working with chemicals and burning them on a Bunsen burner flame in order to recreate the chemistry of fireworks. Students find themselves in awe of the wonderful colours of flame produced by the burning of certain chemicals.

Another popular yet somewhat gross experiment is the dissection of hearts, lungs and kidneys! Students love handling the various body parts and comparing textures before getting to dissect them into tiny pieces!

After each laboratory session students are treated to lunch in the school canteen.

Not only does the programme promote science to the Primary School students but it also allows them to come into the school and become familiar with some of the teachers and the secondary school environment. We have found that the students who participate in the programme have an easier time in making the transition from Primary to our Secondary school.

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